Saturday, August 4, 2007

Photo Hunters - Funky

I've just discovered Photo Hunters - a group of photography junkies (like me!) who have a weekly theme for photography. Here's my first attempt!

This first image is "tree art" I saw in Philadelphia, on South Street. Almost every tree had gum of all colors stuck to it.

This next is a Paint Shop Pro edit I did of a flower photograph.

And last.....notice the tree is the shape of a woman with wild hair? Now that's what I call funky!


Anonymous said...

Don't think I like the "gum" trees,.... the last picture though is pretty neat! Strange even. Have a great weekend, and welcome.

TNChick said...

Tree art - with gum? Eww. LOL
The flower is really cool as is the wild hair tree. Great funky photos.

meeyauw said...

that "gum tree" is wild! but your PS'ed flower is so outstanding! Very creative, beautiful.

~Kathryn~ said...

all of these are totally funky
not sure what i think about hte 'gum tree' though !!!

welcome to the hunt

Paulie said...

Try as I might, I never make it to everyone and I missed yours last week but caught it this week! I especially love the tree for this funky theme.

I hope you will visit mine although I took a break for funky. . .